Are Online Degrees Worth It?

  • Home >One thing I have found is society has pushed us to having to have a college education to make a decent wage. I have a trade that I can fall back on and use if I have to with credentials in my pocket to do so. I think it’s absurd that the same job I worked in the military now requires me to have a Bachelor’s degree. Once I start at the university level next year, I will use it.

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  • While an undergrad business administration is worthwhile for those with certain backgrounds and those who feel passionate about business, studying business may not help you reach your career goals.
  • For example, you can add courses in marketing and management.
  • In preparation, Sports Management degrees often offer classes like Sports Marketing, Fundamentals of Coaching, and Sports Psychology.
  • You will also have the basic knowledge of running a business if you ever decide to start your own.
  • To become a therapist there is a significant number of hours of supervised client hours where the pay is very low.
  • Accepted one – only to find I don’t like the business anymore!

According to these experts, a business college major is among the least-regretted fields of study. A business degree is a launchpad for a range of job opportunities. Here is a quick look at some of the most in-demand jobs you can get with a business degree.

In The End, Is Business School Worth It?

Some core classes for this major include Business Law, Introduction to Marketing and Microeconomics. To graduate, students must complete all general education credits alongside 42 professional business credits, 18 specialized areas of study, 15 electives, and a capstone project. Graduates may pursue careers in business management or entrepreneurship. A bachelor’s degree in business management introduces you to a broad range of skills and knowledge you’ll need to start or grow your business manager career. You’ll not only take core business and management classes, but you’ll also delve deeper into topics like creativity, communication, conflict management, marketing, and even human behavior. Beyond what you’ll learn, it’s important to also consider how you will learn.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Associates Degree?

It should perhaps be no surprise that one of the top business degrees in demand is a bachelor’s in accounting. The analytical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities you develop in an accounting course of study can be used in any industry and are highly sought by hiring managers. Moreover, as the economy grows, so does the demand for skilled workers to prepare and examine financial records.

Additionally, BLS projects a tremendous growth rate (32%) in employment for the next decade. Bureau of Labor Statistics, economists earn $108,350 per year or $52.09 per hour. Furthermore, the employment of these professionals is projected to grow by 13%, which is a much faster growth rate than the average for all occupations.

In other words, while your future employer might not know you got your degree through an online-only program, they might care if and when they find out. Many seek a degree out of a desire for personal enrichment. A degree can provide an opportunity to dive deeply into a subject that’s extremely interesting to you as an individual. From a personal-development standpoint, it can increase your critical-thinking and decision-making capabilities in a way that enriches all other areas of life, not just your career. You might be surprised how fast you might “get back” what you spent on your bachelor’s degree.

An MBA becomes necessary if you’ve already worked for 2-3 years and therefore can’t get into IB via analyst programs. It also won’t solve the difficulty of getting a work visa as an international student. If you can’t get into a top school and you absolutely refuse to consider other fields, please don’t go to business school unless you want to crush yourself with $150K in loans. It may matter in terms of where you start your career, but your performance record and personal network will carry a lot more weight down the road. Life does not stop simply because you chose to attend business school and, unfortunately, it also means that every aspect of your personal life will be probably be compromised to some degree. It’s important to note these figures are national averages; actual pay will depend on geography, sector, company, and, of course, your experience, education, and specific duties and responsibilities.

Not sure if I’ll enjoy some aspects of it but it seems like a viable path. I has always envisioned obtaining an MBA, but life got in the way. I started working full time as my children went through school. Now as they have made a life of their own I felt the focus is back on me. I thought that by being a student and maintaining a 4.0 would make me a valuable employee.