Art Bell’s Wife Dies Unexpectedly

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He didn’t comment on what it was that made her unique. He commented that she had done everything for him, including paying bills in advance. He said that he swept her off her feet – twice. The more logical comment would have been that she swept him off HIS feet, too. I am still not over Ramona’s death. And I cannot believe about the cats!

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  • If you’re already without family, we’ll walk you through the steps to get your affairs in order.
  • Even if those were things you never consciously wanted, knowing they are no longer even an option can be difficult.
  • Shocked and dismayed is right – when someone dies, there is a eulogy about THEM, what made them special, some of their nice traits, humourous stories about them.
  • Maria said that Filipinos don’t believe in cremation and feel a body should remain whole.
  • She was manipulative and selfish .
  • Every day those ugly moments of his snark and narcissism creep into my brain and as a result, I’m torn because I’m not sad.

Interesting article, Brian and I’m sure it will spur an equally interesting conversation. Brian, your definition works for me too. It’s about the intention of the creator. In fact, I actually like when I don’t “get it” – it’s a challenge for me as viewer to seek out the intention.

The place this child was meant to feel safe became her prison. The friends who were meant to support her were her tormentors. By donating to help, readers can show Leah that there are still people who are on her side. I find this funny, he is right in some ways where we, as Filipinos dont actually have an ‘Identity’. I think this is due to the confusion of our mixed races from Hispanic, Chinese, American and Malay origins. But his ignorance also blinds him from the other truth.

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Saying his cats were his family and then basically tossing them aside. Maybe using a poor girl who had herself on the internet looking for a man to rescue her from her poverty. While Filipinos will seek medical advice and use medical technology, apparently their fundamental belief is that a person’s death is “an act of God” and that strong faith can thwart a death. When it doesn’t, however, there can be guilt that one’s faith wasn’t strong enough to save a loved one. Maria’s father relocated to the United States when she was twelve, and the rest of the family followed in pairs a few years later. The family is very close- knit and strongly Catholic.

I agree…I think he is a disinformation person and now for the grand finale he is making people like Whitley Strieber support him when he behaves like a cold hearted snake. Yet Whitley has these years of imagined friendship with Art. He is using his friendship to make his friends support despicible behavior and that makes people lose respect for them.

The Regrets And Leftover Emotions After Someone Dies

Art’s credibility seems to be in question from his own behavior. How can you support a man who treats his wife this way… As Art admits emailing a strange girl a few days after his wife’s death.

As A Grief Ritual

This drug out between the three of us until my moms death. My brother completely turning on me. Refusing to let me even see their kids whom I loved more than anything. My mom became acutely aware something was up and begged me to try and fix it-but to no avail. My brother and his wife made it their mission to try and cause as much pain and trouble as they possibly could and to this day I cannot figure out why.

Ways To Understand And Cope With These Complicated Feelings

Incapacity can occur due to many conditions, including dementia, a medical event or disease, drug use, or alcoholism. Only the courts can bestow guardianship and conservatorship. If you die and have no money or relatives, the county or state is responsible for paying for your burial or cremation. Each state designates where your money goes. For some, it’s the school system, and other states have other designations.

It’s difficult to deal with, in so many ways. In the end, I do appreciate everyone’s opinion, and do consider their thoughts, but I will also run them by our counselors before changing what we are currently doing. Grief shaming me won’t change my feelings, just like it wouldn’t change my kids’ feeling if I did it to them.

He ends up in jail for beating a woman, yup….. Drunk driving… guessed it my fault. I still loved thwm as they were my family but it was killing me slowly.