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I found these two free activitiesover on Math in the Middle’s blog. There’s directions for two fun activities to do with these cards. The first has students work together to calculate the slope of the line that would cross through their two points. This would work great as an anticipatory set or practice activity. The second activity idea includes a free worksheet to pair with the 32 cards. Students walk around the room to find the ordered pairs that makes a line with the given slope.

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  • We don’t use Khan Academy a lot in my class, but if you’re looking for some more practice on identifying slope, the Slope on a Graph and Slope from Two Points activities definitely fit the bill.
  • An x and y-intercept calculator is very efficient and easy to use.
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  • The x and y-intercept calculator makes this task easy as you only have to enter the equation into the calculator and select which intercept you want to calculate.
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These include items of mathematical interest, funny math pictures and cartoons, as well as occassional glimpses into the personal life of “Passy”. Simply type your line equation into this calculator, Click 17coins pro the “Solve” button, and it will give you the coordinates of your X and Y Intercepts. This second worksheet has graph Sketching Questions, (Questions 15 to 260, with Answers at the end of the sheet. Once we have the two intercepts, drawing a sketch graph is very easy, as shown below.

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This game has students solving equations to ‘crack’ a code and find hidden treasure. When students have a clear understanding, they will go around the classroom to each equation card and solve the equations. Make sure only one student is solving each equation card at a time.

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